ETA wood production complex in 1391, has begun its activity in the production of MDF sheets of glass 3mm, in the north of the country with trusting in God and utilizing the latest modern technology and using capable, experienced and skilled engineers with the aim of self-sufficiency in production and cutting off ties and dependence..

Considering the high quality products with prestigious brands available on the market, this unit uses high quality raw materials and advanced machinery with European technology to provide Iranian product (ICME) with global quality to compete with foreign products in terms of quality. It uses Iranian efforts in ” support of national production year”.











Note that some people due to the use of poor quality of raw materials and machinery, produce sheets of glass entitled pressed flat that it causes the orange peel and drum out and pvc coating removal, so when purchasing the product please ensure that product specifications and its production provide sheets of glass from high-tech and high-grade raw materials.


Due to maintain the quality of its products, Ata Complex Wood is proud to use high-grade raw materials. Hence it has imported the part of raw materials directly that in addition to its use, it has set raw material in its basket of goods to distribute to honorable colleagues.


To get information about product prices in this unit, please contact sales and trading part.